The commercialization, politicization, and promotion of positive thinking as an ideology often yield contrary results. Asserting that the sheer power of positive thinking enables individuals to achieve any goal creates a false belief that personal success or failure rests solely on individual efforts, disregarding crucial economic, cultural, and social factors. In the face of a competitive environment where success is paramount, people struggle to navigate this landscape, viewing failure as a reflection of personal inadequacy and undergoing marginalization.

For the "Backyard Gatherings" project, I created a fictional setting where humans and creatures coexist, each endeavoring to tell their unique stories and assert their presence in the backdrop. Drawing inspiration from pop culture and the fitness lifestyle, I intend to shed light on individuals from marginalized groups and their endeavors to reconcile with societal expectations related to beauty, aging, and success.

“The dog died. What’s the weather there? There’s nothing on TV. I want you to find me a recipe for pancakes. We went shopping and then for a coffee. What is e-banking? They tell me I should have it too. I cleaned the backyard and my legs hurt. Did you see my birthday cake? We were playing cards on the terrace until four in the morning! Your dad is in the hospital. The fence broke from the wind. My tulips are growing. When are you coming? After the memorial service, I will give coffee and cake in the yard. Can you check the lottery numbers for me?”